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Executive Producer - Damn Good Productions


Richard Crawford, the Executive Producer for the multinational production company "Damn Good Productions," is making waves in the world of eco-luxury travel. In 2020, he embarked on a new endeavor with a 10-part series called "LEAVE NO TRACE." In this captivating show, Richard, an eco-luxury travel expert, storyteller, and global brand ambassador, takes viewers on a journey to discover exquisite, opulent, and eco-friendly tourism destinations around the world.


Driven by his concern for his carbon footprint and the impact of tourism on indigenous locals and their heritage sites, Richard conceived the idea of "LEAVE NO TRACE" after decades of constant travel. He recognized that luxury brands could enhance their guests' experiences by prioritizing environmental stewardship and the preservation of their sites and settings.


"LEAVE NO TRACE" is broadcasted to audiences worldwide on channels like National Geographic, SKY, Binge Networks, and Amazon Prime. The show not only showcases luxury travel but also emphasizes sustainability, social responsibility, and eco-tourism. Richard's passion for eco-luxury travel, combined with his charm, wit, and love for great food, makes viewers eager to join him on his adventures.


The success of the first season of "LEAVE NO TRACE" has led to the confirmation of a second season, and the show was recognized with a 2020 bronze Telly Award for "Craft in Television," further solidifying its impact and popularity.


In addition to his work on "LEAVE NO TRACE," Richard is a sought-after commentator on TV and radio, having appeared on networks such as Fox News Network, CW11 New York, BBC America, and Bloomberg. He has also showcased his writing skills in publications like The, GQ, Esquire, and WhiskyLife Magazine.


Furthermore, Richard co-hosts the Heart Radio Podcast "Speaking Of Travel," further expanding his reach and influence in the travel industry. His expertise and insights make him a valuable voice in discussions surrounding sustainable travel and responsible tourism.


Recognizing his contributions, Richard Crawford was honored as a Global Scot in 2022, solidifying his status as a respected figure in the industry.


Through his work on "LEAVE NO TRACE" and his various media appearances and written contributions, Richard Crawford is making a significant impact in promoting eco-luxury travel, fostering environmental consciousness, and inspiring viewers and readers to explore the world while leaving a positive mark on the planet.

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