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Lead Educational Officer


Dr. Robert Roche is an instrumental music educator who has been teaching for over twenty years. His experience includes growing up in the tradition of band and drumline in his hometown of San Antonio, Texas, to teaching band in Northern Virginia. Most recently, Dr. Roche teaches instrumental general music to young adults for the District of Columbia Public Schools at Roosevelt STAY Opportunity Academy in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Roche earned a Bachelor’s of Music Education from Baylor University under the leadership of Dr. Larry Vanlandingham and Professor Michael Haithcock. In 2009, Dr. Roche completed his Master’s in Music Education from the University of Michigan also under the leadership of Professor Haithcock and music education expertise of Dr. Colleen Conway. Most recently, he received his Doctorate in Music and Music Education from Teachers College, Columbia University, while also receiving a specialization certification in Teacher Education.

Dr. Roche’s primary teachers and mentors have included Dr. Larry Vanlandingham, Professor Michael Haithcock, Morris “Arnie” Lang, and Dr. Kelly Parkes.

He is passionate about successfully guiding students in music to create a lifelong love of music. And, you will find him in his spare time creating beats, sampling sounds, and encouraging everybody to make music every day. He is inspired everyday by his lovely wife, Rachel, and their two foodie beagles, Penelope and Bartók.

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