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WHAT IS A TATTOO? It's not what most people think!

A military tattoo is a performance of military music by a group of musicians, typically from a military band or pipe band, and sometimes including other types of performance such as drill displays and reenactments. The term "tattoo" comes from the Dutch phrase "doe den tap toe" which translates to "turn off the taps," referring to the practice of turning off the beer taps in the taverns at a specific time in the evening to signal, by the sound of the drum to soldiers that it was time to return to their barracks. An international military tattoo is a military tattoo that features performers from multiple countries.

If you love music, dance, history, culture, whiskey, and travel then follow the Washington Tattoo for upcoming events, workshops, and performances on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube! Depending on the specific tattoo, the performers may include bands and performers from the host country's military, as well as from other countries. Some famous military bands that have performed at international military tattoos include the the US Army Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps, the US Military Academy Band West Point, The Band of Her Majesty's Royal Marines, The Canadian Armed Forces, The Royal Air Force, The Royal Australian Navy Band, The Band of the Royal Gurkha Rifles and many more

If you're curious about the rich history and tradition that the tattoo encapsulates, be sure to read through the announcements and events discussed in this blog, and if you can, experience it with us.

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